Sarah & Paul

June 28, 2015

Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer | Aled Garfield

Sarah and Paul tied the knot in Pembrokeshire, a place very close to both their hearts. The Wedding was at St Marys Church in Newport, Pembs and everything else was at the fantastic Hammet House in nearby Llechryd. Straight after the service, we took advantage and hit the beach at Newport Sands, off came the shoes and socks and we got some great portraits. The wedding was really relaxed and had a quirky rustic luxe feel, so I just set about capturing the fun! The wedding was also featured on Rock My Wedding. This is the day Sarah & Paul got married………

Sarah & Paul 001.JPGSarah & Paul 002.JPGSarah & Paul 005.JPGSarah & Paul 013.JPGSarah & Paul 006.JPGSarah & Paul 020.JPGSarah & Paul 007.JPGSarah & Paul 009.JPGSarah & Paul 012.JPGSarah & Paul 021.JPGSarah & Paul 014.JPGSarah & Paul 024.JPGSarah & Paul 025.JPGSarah & Paul 026.JPGSarah & Paul 027.JPGSarah & Paul 029.JPGSarah & Paul 031.JPGSarah & Paul 042.JPGSarah & Paul 032.JPGSarah & Paul 033.JPGSarah & Paul 034.JPGSarah & Paul 035.JPGSarah & Paul 036.JPGSarah & Paul 038.JPGSarah & Paul 037.JPGSarah & Paul 044.JPGSarah & Paul 039.JPGSarah & Paul 041.JPGSarah & Paul 045.JPGSarah & Paul 071.JPGPembrokeshire Wedding PhotographerPembrokeshire Wedding PhotographerSarah & Paul 047.JPGSarah & Paul 048.JPGPembrokeshire Wedding PhotographerSarah & Paul 055.JPGSarah & Paul 051.JPGSarah & Paul 053.JPGSarah & Paul 057.JPGPembrokeshire Wedding PhotographerSarah & Paul 059.JPGSarah & Paul 069.JPGSarah & Paul 070.JPGPembrokeshire Wedding PhotographerSarah & Paul 064.JPGSarah & Paul 065.JPGSarah & Paul 061.JPGSarah & Paul 063.JPGSarah & Paul 067.JPGSarah & Paul 068.JPGSarah & Paul 050.JPGSarah & Paul 097.JPGSarah & Paul 096.JPGSarah & Paul 079.JPGSarah & Paul 072.JPGSarah & Paul 074.JPGSarah & Paul 075.JPGSarah & Paul 091.JPGSarah & Paul 090.JPGSarah & Paul 094.JPGSarah & Paul 080.JPGSarah & Paul 081.JPGSarah & Paul 093.JPGSarah & Paul 085.JPGSarah & Paul 086.JPGSarah & Paul 103.JPGSarah & Paul 088.JPGSarah & Paul 101.JPGSarah & Paul 089.JPG

Flowers Amaryllis Flower Boutique
Venue Hammet House
The Band Perfect Day Party Band
Hair The Salon
Make up Love Bridal Beauty
Dress High Society Bridal

All images by Pembrokeshire Wedding Photographer Aled Garfield.